What are the best types of garden doors?

French Doors

Do you have an entrance to your garden? If you don’t then you should really consider bringing your garden inside in time for summer by installing a patio door such as a bi-fold door, french door or sliding door.

One of the great aspects of installing patio doors is, by comparison to a bigger project such as an extension, they are comparatively affordable.

There are, of course, more flashy styles of patio door that will cost you a pretty penny, but this is not necessarily always the case. If you are considering how to transform the back of your home, here are some ideas.

Cost-effective doors

The most cost-effective doors to install in your home are likely to be one of two types:

  • French doors: these are two panels that swing out into your garden. They are classic, elegant and will seamlessly blend into most patios.
  • Sliding doors: again, very popular for patio doors and are two panels of glass that slide across each other.

It’s true that sliding doors may perhaps let in more light as they are likely to be made of two see-through panes, whereas French doors can come in a range of designs, some of which are not fully glass.

Sliding Patio doors

Both of these are likely to be your cheapest options, as they’re not particularly expansive in size and they come in a range of materials. In order to get the cheapest deal, you should opt for a white uPVC frame.

The reason for this cost-effectiveness is simply the ease at which it is possible to make white uPVC. If you are planning on opting for larger glass panes, then aluminium may be a better option.

In fact, because of aluminium’s strength and durability, you may have no option but to choose metal frames for your garden doors if they are particularly tall and wide.

More expensive options

Generally speaking, garden doors will be more expensive if you add more panes of glass to them. For example, sliding doors will be relatively cost-effective if there’s only two of them.

However, if you make this more complex by adding a third, then you can expect quite a substantial price increase. The height and width will also add more of a cost to your installation, but these will add more light and an illusion of space to your room.

It’s also worth considering bi-fold doors. These are arguably the most ‘trendy’ in terms of style, but their ability to pull completely to the side using a concertina effect will create an open pathway into your garden.

They create a glass wall effect, that is only revealed as a door if you decide to unlock it and open it. This style of garden door is perfect if you want to create a more open-planned space.

What you choose for your garden door may ultimately come down to style preference and price.

Be reassured, though, that even if your budget is slim, you can still get a stylish and elegant patio door for a relatively small price if you opt for uPVC. You may need to switch to aluminium for larger projects, but the general aesthetic will still be the same.

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