Will replacing my front door be too expensive?

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The front door is one of the most characterful features of any home. Not only is it threshold that visitors cross to get into your home, but it can often be a marker of your personal taste. Older, less attractive front doors can often prompt homeowners to start overhauling the exterior appearance of their home and start browsing for a replacement.

If you’ve been considering replacing your front door, here are some aesthetic considerations, as well as some price points to weigh up. If you’re wondering what Double Glazed window prices are then read this article for clarity.

What do you want it to look like?

Multi coloured doors

Before you go browsing largely based on price, do make a consideration about what you would like your front door to look like. For instance, do you want it to be made out of wood so you can change the colours every now and then, or would you like a plastic version for low maintenance?

You can also find a happy medium, known as composite doors. These combine a multitude of materials such as insulating foam, wood, and PVC; ideal if you want your front door to act as a heat-trapper as well as a design feature. These are also a happy compromise if you’re looking to achieve an authentic wood-finish, but want a combination of materials that work far more effectively at keeping drafts out. Contact our team to find out about composite door prices, as well as the total cost of composite front doors supply and fit.

Why pay to get it completed professionally?

The truth of the matter is, installing your own front door replacement is incredibly tricky. You will need to remove the interior casing of the entrance to get an accurate sense of the size of the front door you need. If you aren’t naturally gifted with DIY skills, then this could be an incredibly dangerous process. If your front door is warped or is just not fulfilling its purposes for you, you are far better off contacting a professional to fix the issue.

Call for a quote before you make your mind up

The best way to decide if the price point is right for you is to call first and get a quote. Talking to a professional can give you a sense of how long the process will take and what you can expect to pay when replacing your front door. Getting an accurate quote will also help you to budget for your new door and save up for a replacement based on real figures, not just a rough estimate.

The best way to find out if your new front door meets your budget is to call for a quote. We do doors and we have extended experience of fitting them, and so if anyone is going to give you a fair, accurate estimate, it’s us.

Sometimes, it pays to find an effective replacement. The front door is not just the window into the soul of your house, but also a means of keeping it warm and safe.

If you’d like a quote for your double glazing in Herefordshire then contact us today!

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